Inspiration for what to wear, props to use, and more to get the most out of your session!

  1. Choose a few different outfits for variety. I recommend choosing 2 or 3 different outfits with some basic accessories. What you wear should reflect who you are so you're comfortable and will love the photos forever; be comfortable and don't choose something you wouldn't normally wear. I tell my clients to choose something basic and casual with little to no pattern for their first outfit.  Your second outfit should be something a little more formal. And your third outfit should be something that's personal to you (maybe matching jerseys from your favorite team, customized shirts, etc.). Coordinate your colors and don't overthink it - you want to look like YOU in your photos! (Note: Remember, you will probably have to change in weird places during sessions, like the back of a car, in the woods or at a public bathroom. So make it simple and easy on yourself!).
  2.  Do your research. It helps to have an idea of what you are looking for before coming to your session. Get some ideas and share them with me so I can give you similar poses and styles! I want you to LOVE your photos.
    (Note: Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration!)
  3.  Consider how you plan to use the photos. Many couples use their engagement photos for Save the Date cards, shower invitations, wedding announcements, and books or prints as wedding decor or a guest book. When choosing what to wear and what to bring to your engagement session, consider your wedding colors, your wedding style, and how you want everything to come together.
  4.  Props add character. Sessions are way more personal when you add fun props! We can write your wedding date on a chalkboard, snuggle up in a cute blanket together, or sip from a vintage Pepsi bottle together. The possibilities are endless! Plus, you can then use the props at your wedding for decoration. :)
  5. Decide when you want the photos taken. We are blessed in Minnesota to have four very unique, distinct seasons that all offer different advantages and disadvantages. Decide ahead of time what season you want your engagement photos taken in! And don't forget to consider how far in advance you will need your photos based on what you plan to use them for.