Ellee & Derek: Wedding In Maple Grove

Every once in awhile I have an opportunity to second shoot for an event. I tend to prefer being the primary photographer because I get love to help direct the day and spend tons of time with the couple and get all those money shots! However, I do love being a second photographer because I get to be more relaxed and focus on what is happening around the couple - the guests interacting, the emotions of the day, the details that the primary photographer misses while they are off getting other shots.

As a second shooter, I focus on candid images of the guests and the couple. I also like getting different angles during the ceremony that the primary photographer isn’t getting because they have certain shots they have to get.

This particular wedding of Ellee & Derek was an absolute dream! They were so down to Earth and their wedding guests were so full of love, laughter and tears of joy. I showed up just in time for their ceremony (the primary photographer was with them all morning). It was a stiflingly hot day but it was beautiful and so special, with a song/flute duo of their family, a reading from her mom, exchanging of vows and the rings and a kiss to seal the deal!

The speeches by their best men, maids of honors and parents were memorable, personal and emotional. They had a gluten-free pasta bar and shared milk and cookies for dessert!

I may have only been there for 4 hours but I managed to capture about 500 images for these two! As always, it was an honor to be part of their special day.